Monday, November 21, 2011

Budget now for you $150 annual membership to the Associated Press Media Editors organization. With more than 1,600 participants and 200 supporting members, APME continues to be the practical voice for news leaders. With your membership, the benefits well outweigh the cost of membership: 

In addition to substantial discounts for the annual conference, APME journalism contests and APME webinars: 
• APME brings together news leaders from all sizes of publications and broadcast stations.
• The APME board of directors has dedicated seats for small newspapers, online and broadcast.
• Myriad programs, such as Sounding Board, help keep the lines of communication open with AP.
• Tap into AP resources on national projects, such as Broken Budgets and Aging America
• Training that comes to you through NewsTrain and state APME organizations.
• Credibility Roundtables offer research and insight to online issues nationwide.
• Advice from the trenches
• Discounts on the annual conference and APME awards which more than make up the $150 membership cost.
• Great Ideas program and the Innovator of the Month contest help to keep the ideas rolling all year long.
• For educators: Access to the newsroom and broadcast leaders who do the hiring.
• Weekly APME Update with news from around the industry and the Associated Press.
• APME News quarterly magazine.
• Conference is jointly held with Associated Press Photo Editors.
• Include other newsroom leaders from your organization, all are welcome.
• APME is leading the First Amendment charge through its active committee work and with the help and resources of the Associated Press.
• APME and APPM are at the forefront of the sports credentialing question.
• Trade ideas and ask for advice from your peers at

As an added incentive, during the holiday season you can choose to pay $75 now and the other $75 during the first quarter next year. This offer will only be available now though December 2011.

Sign up now for 2012 at:

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