Thursday, January 12, 2012

Achieving a Facebook milestone

It took awhile -- months, many months -- before we started moving the needle on Facebook. Journalism organization aren't the rage on Facebook, as you might notice.
But APME marketing committee co-chairs Dennis Anderson and Laura Sellers Earl don't give up easily. They take charge, and one of their goals has been to grow our Facebook page.
A milestone was achieved last night when the Associated Press Media Editors page topped 500 friends.
Impressive, since we seemed so stuck around 200 to 250. Next stop 1,000, but that's another blog item.
We'll recognize this milestone and note that it comes at a great time, just before our board meeting in New York next weekend. We'll have several great announcements for journalists after that meeting, and Facebook will hear about every one.
Join us on Facebook if you haven't. Encourage your journalist friends to do so. Thanks for being our friend.
-- Bob Heisse

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