Friday, February 24, 2012

College journalism educators should consider APME

It's the right time for college journalism educators to join APME, and we're just really starting to get the word out.
Chris Cobler, our college journalism committee chairman, sent this letter to some journalism educators.
I'll offer my thoughts here:
Until May we have a 2 for 1 membership offer, meaning pay $150 and bring someone else in free.
The APME Awards contest is expanding this year to include a college journalism innovation award. There are so many great initiatives going on at colleges with existing media, or just on campus. APME members can enter our contest for a $50 fee. For non-members it's $100. Details are coming soon on this.
Our APME conference in Nashville on Sept. 19-21 promises to have great programming, including an industry-leading one-day focus on Social Media. This should not be missed, whether you're an educator or journalist. Details are coming very soon.
Conference registration is only $200 for APME members. It's much higher for non members.
We'll offer some social media credibility webinars in coming months, with cost reductions for APME members.
Now's a great time for college educators to join. Perhaps make it official during spring break.
-- Bob Heisse 

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