Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NCAA What's Next

As you know the NCAA did respond to a couple of our minor concerns. I
communicated what changes they were willing to entertain to the members of
the APME, APSE and APPM boards. SPJ and NPPA are also very involved in
these negotiations and I have kept them in the loop. Walter Hussman, owner
and publisher of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, contacted Caroline Little,
the president of NAA, after he saw the NCAA¹s response.

Last week Caroline let me know that she talked to Kurt Wimmer, the general
counsel for NAA, and Mark Hinueber, the general counsel for the Las Vegas
Review-Journal and Stephens Media. Caroline and her group are ³ready to
lead the charge² on this very important issue. The NCAA credential is on
their April agenda and I urge you to have your corporate counsel contact
Caroline and let her know you are ready to work with them.

NAA will be negotiating for all of us but they need a group of our corporate
attorneys to continue the talks with the NCAA. These continuing
conversations have to take place at a higher level if we hope to gain any
changes to the current NCAA policies.

I urge you to contact your corporate leadership teams today. We have the
NCAA¹s attention and our owners have to understand what we are being asked
to sign in order to cover NCAA sanctioned events. Please lend your support
to this effort.

I will keep you posted on the progress of conversations and negotiations.

Thank you for your continued support on this important issue.

Teri Hayt
Managing Editor
Arizona Daily Star

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