Friday, June 29, 2012

Virgin Islands Daily News: "Our money, their failures”

From AP's weekly report on Watchdog Journalism
From The Virgin Islands Daily News reported that Gov. John deJongh Jr. is trying to push through a vast and vastly expensive sports tourism development that Government House claims will cost V.I. taxpayers $30 million but in fact would amount to $59 million over 30 years.
A six-week investigation by Daily News reporter Joy Blackburn into the people and the money connected to the project found that some of the off-island contractors the government wants to partner with have:
• Amassed a history of financial troubles, foreclosures and failures that cast doubt on their ability to provide funds for the project.
• Earned the distrust of stateside governments.
• Never started or worked on a project like the St. Croix project.
• Misrepresented credentials and connections.

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