Friday, October 12, 2012

Chapel Hill NewsTrain canceled

Because of low registrations for the Chapel Hill, N.C., NewsTrain, we regret that we had to cancel this event. We encourage you to watch for our 2013 NewsTrain locations. In the meantime, your registration fees will be refunded in full.


  1. The NISSAN Whistleblower Was Discussed "Privately" By High Power Editors... Sharyn Bovat Told Her Story is NOT Allowed to Be Told.... Basically in America the 1st Amendment is DEAD!!! Thank You John Seigenthaler

    That said the fact that the Chapel Hill NewsTrain was canceled is a BLESSING for Americans that want our Constitutional Rights honored.

    Sharyn Bovat

    1. CLARIFICATION.... It was discussed at the APME Convention....Hearing the obvious truth made me sad. Freedom os Speech is DEAD!!!