Friday, September 30, 2011

State boards hear about APME activities

In recent days state AP boards have met in at least three states and in each case have heard about national APME activities.
The Indiana APME heard from Mark Baldwin, our conference chair for Nashville 2012.
The Illinois AP Editors Association heard from Jon Broadbooks, one of the co-chairs of APME50, our state reachout effort that should get into full swing in November and share news of note with active editors.
I spoke briefly to the Pennsylvania APME board, but they heard about APME throughout from state president Cate Barron, our NewsTrain committee chair.
We won't be able to meet with every state board in APME50, but we should be able to connect with them in a new way in late 2011 and 2012.
Thanks to all who are involved in APME50. If you'd like to get involved send a note to our co-chairs.
-- Bob Heisse

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