Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deadline for 'Great Ideas' extended until Aug. 7

            The deadline for submissions to APME’s 2012 “Great Ideas” book has been extended until Tuesday, Aug. 7.

If you haven’t already submitted one or more from your news organization, it’s easy to do and takes only a few minutes. Go to the "Great Ideas” Web page at The form allows you to submit entries and upload images that accompany the “Great Idea.”

         What's a great idea? It can be a new concept for print or online, or a major improvement to something we do every day. This is a chance for your media organization to show off your work in the United States and Canada and help fellow managers by providing ideas that might work in their markets.

         You can submit one or several ideas to the book.  

         If you have questions, contact David Arkin, GateHouse Media vice president of content & audience, at

        Work already submitted to the monthly "Great Ideas" and "Innovator" and yearly APME innovator contests will be considered for the book.


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