Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happenings in New Jersey

With its governor, Chris Christie, often in the headlines, New Jersey is in the spotlight a lot these days.
It's in the middle of APME activities, too, and we're all looking forward to NewsTrain Thursday and Friday at Rampano College.
Registration continues today. Can you send a journalist for the best low-cost training over two days? It's a great opportunity.
Join NewsTrain on Facebook for updates if you can't attend. You'll get a great sense of what takes place, and perhaps you can attend it in Salt Lake City or another location next year.
New Jersey also will be the site for an AP editors meeting Oct. 26 in Princeton. The state used to have an active APME group but that went by the wayside in favor of this annual meeting. It will be a great opportunity for editors to connect with the Associated Press and with APME.
If your state is having an APME or AP editors meeting, let us know. We'll let everyone know through APME Update.
Just contact me at
-- Bob Heisse

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