Monday, October 31, 2011

Want to host a NewsTrain in 2012?

NewsTrain Salt Lake City, coming this week, will be our final NewsTrain of 2011.
We'll have more on this in coming days. 
Meanwhile, planning is under way for NewsTrain workshops around the country in 2012.
Check the APME web page ( on what it takes to have a NewsTrain in your area.
If you're interested, please contact NewsTrain project director Michael Roberts with your thoughts: mroberts.newstrain@gmail.comNewsTrain
Workshops are changing to better meet specific needs in each location. Planning now includes a local needs assessment to identify where and how training can have a significant impact.
Work with  Roberts on training for print, online and broadcast journalists, from frontline staff to department heads and senior managers.
Locations for 2012 will be selected soon to begin the planning process. Please consider your needs and how a NewsTrain workshop might help.  

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